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1.  Enrolment Documents

Identity Card.

1 recent passport-size photographs.

Valid Qualified or Provisional Driving Licence . 

Pass Basic Theory Test and ( Pass Final Theory Test is better )

Enrolment Requirements

18 years old and above  ( based on date of birth ).

2.  How to start:


 Joint Pte Driving :

 Enrol School At Pte P3A

 In Personally

 School Office

 Basic Theory Test


 Booking Online

 School Web-site

 Final Theory Test

 Pass Basic Theory Test

 Booking Online

 School Web-site

 Provisional Driving Licence

 Pass BTT~~ Pass FTT Is Better

 Apply Online

 Traffic Police Web-site

 Driving Lesson:

 WhatsApp To Pte DI

 Booking on


 OnRoad Driving Lesson

 5 On Road Lesson

 Pte Lesson

 Be Necessary

 Taffice Police Driving Simulator

 Enrol Sch with Pte DI

 After 5 ORL

 School Web-site

 Practical Driving Test

 After 3 Simulator Lesson(20min)

 Booking Online

 School Web-site

 On Road Lesson




 On Circuit Lesson





For First Lesson :  

Paul Ong

Hp / sms : 96 39 59 79


Enrol $80 + $70 + $70 for two lessons booking - on first time lesson.

Package payment  pay on lesson 3 only ..

For per lesson learner, one time can pay $140 for 2 lesson booking.

Payment mode : Cash, Internet Banking Transfer, QR Code, Atm or Paynow.


*** Remember to check you driving instructor teaching licence first, Than make you payment.

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