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 If you Date of Birth  


 or before, You are 18 , can start learning driving.
*** Go down any driving centre pay $5.35 to open one internet account ( Pte ), & top up $ 6.50 to apply basic theory test date. Using you ID & Pass-word apply on Internet.

       You can buy Basic theory book at driving centre or any book shop.

*** 3 driving centre can apply basic theory test: Bukit Batok , Woodlands, Kampong Ubi


  >>>Find driving instructor
Self Apply Basic Theory Test $6.50  Any driving centre
Pass >>>
Apply provisional driving licence $25 Driving centre TP counter
&  Start driving lesson >>> >>>Enrolment $80

Basic driving training $ 600 ( 10 lesson -  80-90 min )

Circuit driving lesson $ 425  ( 5 Lesson.$100-150 Circuit entry fee Included )

Final driving training $ 300 ( 5lesson -  80-90 min )

Rent car for driving test $ 200 to 270  +$50 Warm-up + Test entry fee $20

$ 1703 ( Total driving courses fee )

Self Apply Final Theory Test $6.50  
Ask driving instructor apply driving test date $33
Qualified Licence $50
Gov. fee Total $121
Total fee about   $1826

   Note : About spending $1600- $3000 to get driving licence in Singapore.

Basic Driving   ( 10 Lessons ) Circuit Driving  ( 5 Lessons ) Final Driving  ( 10 Lessons  )
Vehicle's control 

Driving control

Driving/Parking on road

Speed adjustment

Steering & Braking


T- Junction turning


Reverse parking

Parallel parking

Direction change

Crank-shaped course

S-shaped course



Moving / Revering up the ramp ( Auto car Only )


Changing lanes

Overtaking Vehicle

Theory driving

Safe driving

Test road 1-10

Test Evaluation

Vehicle's servicing

GPS Navigation Systems Driving



      Go driving centre : Open one-- pte instructor learner account ( $5.35 ) >>>> Basic Theory Test ( $6.50 )>>>> Final Theory Test ( $6.50 )
                                                                                                            >> >Practical Driving Test ( $ 33 ) >> Qualified Driving Licence ( $ 50 ).

BTT Pass>>Apply Provisional Licence ($25)>>Start Practical Driving (Basic driving 10 lessons  / Circuit driving 5 lessons  / Final drving 10 lessons )
                      >>Apply FTT Test Date ( At the same time when you apply PDL )>>>FTT Pass>>>Apply Driving Test Date >>Driving Test Pass>>QDL

1.) You can go any driving centre to apply.
     But you must inform counter you are pte driving instructor learner ( If you want enrol with pte driving instructor ).

2.) After you pass the Basic Theory Test, You can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence ( $25.00 )
     which they are permitted to learn how to drive under the directions of a qualified driving instructor.
     At the same time You also can apply the Final Theory Test date .

3.) After you pass you Final Theory Test, You can ask you driving instructor to book you driving test date. 


  You may apply to sit for the Final Theory Test ( FTT ) before or after you have obtained the PDL.
  It is advisable for you to take the FTT after you have obtained your PDL and taken a few driving practices.
 Once you have passed the FTT, You can ask instructor to apply you driving test date, you must pass the practical test within 2 years.
 Otherwise, you need to take the FTT again.


  You must pass both the Basic and Final Theory Tests as well as the Practical Driving Test in order to obtain a Class 3 Qualified Driving Licence.




The minimum age for obtaining a Class 3 driving licence is 18.


The Basic Theory Test (BTT) is administered to aspiring drivers to test whether or not they have acquired the pre-requisite understanding of the Highway Code and Expressway Rules as well as basic driving knowledge for learner drivers. The actual BTT comprises of 50 questions which candidates have to complete within an hour. Those who have passed the BTT may wish to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence ( PDL ).




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