BestDriving . com . sg ( 1979 ) Hp: 96 39 59 79   


*** Go down any driving centre pay $5.25 to open one internet account ( Pte Learner : P3 or P3A  ), &
        top up $ 6.50 to apply basic theory test date.

       Using you ID & Pass-word apply on Internet.

       You can buy Basic theory book at driving centre or any book shop.

If you Basic theory test passed, 

Apply Provisional driving licence ( $25 ) at TP Web-site.

Find pte driving instructor to start you driving lesson.

Top up $6.50 to apply you Final theory test date.

After 5 on road lesson with pte driving instructor

Go 3 simulator  lesson on school

After pass you FTT and 3 simulator lesson,  Apply you driving test date .

Give you instructor driving test date & time ASAP.


*** 3 driving centre can apply basic theory test: Bukit Batok , Woodlands,  Kampong Ubi


Joint Pte Driving :  Enrol School At Pte P3A    School Office
 Basic Theory Test    Booking Online  School Web-site
 Final Theory Test  Pass Basic Theory Test  Booking Online  School Web-site
 Provisional Driving Licence    Apply Online  Traffic Police Web-site
 Driving Lesson:  WhatsApp To Pte DI  Booking on  WhatsApp
 OnRoad Driving Lesson  5 On Road Lesson  Pte Lesson  Be Necessary
 Taffice Police Driving Simulator  Enrol Sch with Pte DI  Booking Online  School Web-site
 Practical Driving Test  After 3 Simulator Lesson(20min)  Booking Online  School Web-site
 On Road Lesson  15-25    Needed
 On Circuit Lesson  4-8    Needed


P3     for Manual car test.
P3A  for Auto car test.

After you passed basic theory test. SMS you name,  Hp No, home area, manual or auto car. To Hp: 96 39 59 79.  Instructor will call back you ASAP.


1.) You can cal / SMS   96 39 59 79 , The driving instructor was help you to apply driving test date . .